Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Illustration| Grady McFerrin

When we were in New York I bought a notebook at Anthropologie for my friend Lisa. I loved its simple illustrated cover and the words on the back, "Where troubles melt like lemon drops."  - from the song, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" if I am not mistaken.
Well, coincidentally, while I was buying the pretty notebook Doug was having a visit with the illustrator of the notebook, Grady McFerrin, at his studio in Brooklyn. And it wasn't until this morning that I put 2 and 2 together and figured out that the illustrator that Doug had been talking about for the last week was the same guy that produced the beautiful art for Lisa's book. So I went to Grady's web site and now I can't wait to show you his work.

Grady has illustrated a number of different notebooks, journals and stationery for Chronicle Books (above). On his web site you can see samples of some brilliant hand drawn type especially on some of his fabulous wine labels. I don't usually buy wine just for the label but these ones would catch my eye for sure - I love the distressed vintage look and the  faded colours.

And finally, the posters. I had a hard time choosing which posters to show you - and I really hope you will go and visit them all because they are simply wonderful. Each one is a beautiful piece of art. A magical combination of hand drawn type, pattern and vintage inspired elements. Each piece looks like it has been individually screen printed by hand. This is an artist who knows how to blend his passions and his skills to create uniquely personal, yet publicly accessible art.

Grady McFerrin lives in Brooklyn, NY. 
You can see more of his work here
Grady is represented by Gerald and Cullen Rapp in New York.


Linda said...

Beautiful designs and I love those posters. I'm looking forward to visiting his site.

Julie said...

I'll admit it: sometimes I DO buy wine just for the label - and I would so buy a bottle with these labels. Gorgeous!!

Erin said...

Drooling over the posters you chose. Love the "Art Can Change Your Life" book cover in his online portfolio in particular. I think I need that as a poster! Your Lucy & Ricky story about the purchase and the meeting was charming and funny as well.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Love those posters! I'm also a sucker for good-looking type.

poppy said...

beautiful posters, love the colors.

Cartolina said...

Glad you all liked Grady's work. It's great to see how good illustration is used as a communication tool but also how it's applied to consumer products. There are so many more opportunities for illustrators these days than just editorial/magazine work etc.
Chronicle really supports illustration especially in their stationery collections.

manuel joão said...

i love this cards

Anonymous said...

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