Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Fling at Cartolina!

Let's celebrate the first weekend of spring with a Spring Fling at Cartolina! This weekend, if you order any iPhone case from we'll include a lovely selection of floral cards from our newest Curious Collection. That's a great deal for you, and a very pretty way to say hello to spring :)


Location longue durée said...

Thanks for sharing this post !

Phil Baker said...

Nicely done and the color is very vibrant.

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Anthony said...

Wish they had more designs to choose from. But still these are great designs.

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Keith said...

Hey! These designs are great for my collection.

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Gary McFaddin said...

Do they have any other designs for Iphone 6? I think this is just for iphone 5 or 4 rather?

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Zaritah Pierre said...

i love the patterns and design is it available to any phone?

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