Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Changes at Cartolina for 2013!

We have some big news and we're really excited about it!
As of next week we are now doing all our own distribution in the US. In the past Cartolina has been wholesaled by national distributors across the US. But we've been listening to retailers and what we've heard is that things have changed in their world over the last 4 years and they want to connect with the people they do business with. They want to meet the manufacturers face to face and they want a personal connection with their suppliers. So we made a big decision a few weeks ago to 'bring home' our distribution and start working with our US retailers directly - offering a great new selection of product, better pricing and stellar customer service.

We've been very busy getting organized:
- We have hired a whole new sales force - wonderful people that we've worked with before - people who know Cartolina inside and out.
- We've negotiated strategically with carriers so that we can offer the best shipping prices to our buyers. No high priced, cross-border shipping prices here!
- We built a new shipping department onto the studio so that we are efficient (and have a stylish place to work of course!)
- We've published fabulous new paper catalogs and built a simple to use online ordering system.
- We've upgraded all our data bases and inventory systems so that going into 2013 we have the most efficient and sophisticated fulfillment, billing and shipping system I could ever have imagined.

We are ready to roll!


Brittany - the Home Ground said...

This all sounds fabulous! A lot of work, but I'm sure it will pay off with the relationships you form with your retailers. Congratulations on all the hard work you guys have been doing!

José María Souza Costa said...

Invito - italiano
Io sono brasiliano.
Dedicato alla lettura di qui, e visitare il suo blog.
ho anche uno, soltanto molto più semplice.
'm vi invita a farmi visita, e, se possibile seguire insieme per loro e con loro. Mi è sempre piaciuto scrivere, esporre e condividere le mie idee con le persone, a prescindere dalla classe sociale, credo religioso, l'orientamento sessuale, o, di Razza.
Per me, ciò che il nostro interesse è lo scambio di idee, e, pensieri.
'm lì nel mio Grullo spazio, in attesa per voi.
E sto già seguendo il tuo blog.
Forza, pace, amicizia e felicità
Per te, un abbraccio dal Brasile.

everythingquilts said...

Oh my, came across your blog completely by accident. I somehow get sidetracked once I get surfing blogs and things. But I wanted to tell you I've never considered myself a vintage/retro kinda girl but maybe I am. I found myself ohhing and awwing while searching the pages of your blog. I could stay here for days just looking. I find it very inspiring and want to thank you for sharing all these wonderful things with us. I'll have to make my way back here often to see it all!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Congratulations Fiona! Such exciting news and I can't wait to watch your business grow and flourish even more! We LOVE having Cartolina in our little shop :)

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