Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yard sale score!

I had fun this weekend. The neighbour had a yard sale and, of course, I was first at the garden gate waiting to browse the offerings! Right away I spied some picnic tables and benches. Lucky for me she let me have them for free, though I would have happily paid the $5 she was looking for!  I knew exactly what I was going to do with 2 of the benches . . . I've been looking for the perfectly rustic, living room, coffee table for a long time now and I had a feeling they were going to be exactly right. So after delivering the goods to the driveway, Doug scrubbed down the benches and brought them inside - PERFECT! Just what I've been looking for . . . .

I put two of the benches together to make the perfect size table - it's exactly 6 ft by 30 inches. I think that the colour and texture look wonderful with the cow hide rug, which I got from here, by the way. 

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