Monday, February 6, 2012

Free Postcard Day!

If you've been procrastinating about sending a Cartolina postcard from the Cartolina Postale app well we have a surprise for you. Tomorrow we're offering a free postcard to all our app users - one day only. You'll see how easy it is to pick a card, customize it and send it directly from the app. So give it a try - the app is free to download and it's lots of fun to send a card - a real one!! Down load the app from the link here.


Julie said...

What a generous offer Fiona - thank you!

thea said...

HOORAY So exciting! I shall head over to peek at them :)


prom dresses said...

this looks so amazing!! i am so grateful to have been involved!

Anonymous said...

You will seeD3 Gold exactly how straightforward it truly is to pick out a new minute card, colorize it for you along with post the item straight from the iphone app. So try it out * this app cost nothing in order to down load and it is plenty of exciting toGW2 gold send some sort of minute card * an actual just one!!

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