Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cartolina Postale - details!

I've had a few emails from people who want to know more about the postcards that you can send from the Cartolina Postale iPhone app. So here goes . . . .
The printing and mailing of the postcards is taken care of by Sincerely. If you have an iPhone you may already be familiar with Sincerely - they are responsible for Postagram and other print on demand systems for iPhone apps. They have loads of experience and that's why they offer a 100% Guarantee. They have a secure site for taking credit cards and they have streamlined the process down to the nth degree! It was important to us, when we entered this partnership, that we were satisfied with the quality of the product and service. We have impeccable customer service at Cartolina and I expect the same for all our products including the iPhone apps. We are delighted with the quality of the postcards and the dedication to service that Sincerely brings to the table and we think you will be too. Whether it's one postcard or hundreds I think you'll be very happy with them. In the US a postcard from Cartolina Postale costs $1.99 and takes less than a week to arrive in the recipient's mail box - you can't beat that!


Liza said...

I've been using your app since it came out and I adore it. Of course it's reliable. It's also beautiful, fun and easy. Everyone loves receiving them. I stand in awe of you for creating them...and I thank you.

I feel so clever sending them...people think I'm a genius.

brendaspielmann said...

Does it work with the ipad2?

Fiona Cartolina said...

Hi Brenda - the Sincerely system has just been updated for the iPad - we will have the iPad version of this new app ready in the next few days. Then it takes about 6 days to be approved at Apple. So probably by the end of next week :-D


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