Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cartolina Collection XII

We have new cards at Cartolina. So exciting!
This time we've gone with a vintage circus theme. Imagine, it's the 1930s, and the big top just rolled into town. The performers have gone to get their portraits taken, starting with the strong man who's so proud of his tattoos! We have a strong man, a trick roper, a juggler, a ringmaster and a trapeze artist. We also have some crazy characters leaping over elephants - 'Happy Birthday from Your Crazy Friends' (I think we all have some of those!) We managed to source some beautiful, vintage circus imagery and combined it with our own illustrations and we're really proud of the results. Hope you like them. If you'd like a line sheet just give us a shout!

Last but not least, we have a sweet new congratulations card - we were really needing a congrats card - I think this will fit lots of ocassions - don't you? For more info on Cartolina cards visit our website at
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