Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Collection a Day - blog tour.

Today I am happy to be part of A Collection A Day's summer blog tour. You may remember last week that I posted about the release of Lisa Congdon's book A Collection a Day published by Uppercase. Janine asked me to be part of the blog tour and to do a post on collecting. So here we go . . . .

It doesn't take long to find a collection in this house - pretty much everywhere you look there are multiples of small items - which I would say constitutes a 'collection'! So I took some pictures of just a few of my favourite things. Enjoy . . .

My collection of old biscuit tins is way out of control - I should probably sell some. But I love them especially the Peek Frean tins. And they're so useful - where else could I put my collections of sea shells, beach glass or small flat grey rocks? Pretty much every tin hides a collection of something. One of my faves - the small square marzipan tin has a nice selection of Romanian stamps (you never know when you might need those!) The Magic Baking Powder tin holds the collection of broken china that we found when we dug out the basement of the house on Stanley St (not to be confused with the selection of green marbles that we found under the back porch of the house on Mill St.)

Another of my favourite collections which is kept in a biscuit tin is this collection of vintage miniatures. Everything from Monopoly pieces to tiny people meant for model train sets - have you ever been to a model train store and seen all the cool tiny things they have for those miniature trains - fantastic! I love hobby shops!

This is one of my faves - Mr motorbike rider - he's a bit beat up, but he's cool!
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carina said...

how fun, fiona! love seeing some of your collections. i have house full of printer's boxes filled to the gills and am absolutely coveting some of your miniatures.

Brittany at Home Ground said...

I can't decide if I love the tins or the ceramic shards more! The porcelain looks so pretty when you arrange them in a square like that.

Jan | Poppytalk said...

pretty nice collections there!

maria said...

Nice collections!
I love all of it, so much fun to see i am not the only collector.
I collect all things smal for in my dollshouses an tins too.
I also have a collection of vintage childrens tea sets.
You inspired me to photograph my collections for my blog...thanks

Danielle Hardy said...

love these collections.. Just beautiful!

Tiffany | Wholesale Roses Co said...

loved the little boot! but everything is just gorgeous! :D

Pamela Bates/Bates Mercantile Co. said...

I have lots of collections too, including tins. Now that I actually have a pantry (ok, a corner of the kitchen with shelves and dry goods) I use them to hold 'pantry kind of stuff'. I LOVE that yours hold other collections!!!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

These are great collections...I especially love the miniatures! Thanks for sharing :)

Dawn Gahan said...

Fiona, I realize that I'm commenting on a post from awhile ago, but I chanced upon your images when googling Peek Frean and just had to drop you a line! I too collect Peek Frean tins. Actually, I collect all kinds of tins (mostly florals), but Peek Frean are my favorites. Yours are most lovely!! Enjoyed a peek into your collection.

The Gahan Girls

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