Friday, June 24, 2011

Flow magazine

I was very excited to get this yesterday. Flow magazine is a Dutch publication which is all about paper and pattern and all the inspiring stuff that goes along with it. They asked us a few weeks ago if they could use one of our cards as their cover - I was so flattered because I know how popular magazine it is (and how beautifully designed it is too!) Anyway - I love how they designed the cover around the image - it looks fab! Thanks Flow!


Diane said...

Your art on the cover looks great!

I just checked out their site and it is fabulous!

Thanks for the link,

Words and Eggs said...

So great!! (If I could speak Dutch, I'd totally write something Dutcheriffic for you)


amber heagerty said...

Congratulations it looks perfectly charming!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

That's so exciting Fiona! Congratulations, it looks gorgeous :)

Lisa Graves said...

love love love love love.

maria said...

Congrats! I have a subscripsion on that magazine and i follow you for a while, did not realize it was your art....great colors and great art, i now have your art on my coffeetable :)

RS Gold said...

Congrats! I accept a subscripsion on that annual and i chase you for a while, did not apprehend it was your art....great colors and abundant art, i now accept your art on my coffeetable

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