Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do you know Jack?

I think all of these pillows are very nicely designed and produced - by Secdus. The first one is just lovely, especially if you happen to have a Jack Russell (any of you?) That's a very calm looking pup - much more calm than any of the feisty Jacks around here!


Debra said...

This pillow makes me smile. I once owned a Jack Russell, his name was Biff. A quick, smart and tenacious little terrier he was. I think Jack Russell is a great name for coffee company!

Irene said...

The dog pillow ah, I'd definitively like it on my armchair!

cate said...

Ooo lovely - these pillows look so crisp and beautiful! Of course you don't mind if I pinch the doggy one for my you?

Words and Eggs said...

I love the doggies, but... the last one's my favorite!!

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