Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage inspiration

I'm sure you'll be wondering what these all have in common. Well, they are all french, paper cut-out, novelties from a huge collection at Paper Craft's Flickr Stream. I think they are wonderful and there are hundreds of them - it's hard just to pick a few - I know you'll love them all.


Words and Eggs said...

DROOL! I want to play with each one of them!
One slight, little correction: the images hail from Pillipat/Agence Eureka's Flickr Stream -- "Paper Crafts" is the title of the set that they're in! I'm obsessed with Agence Eureka, whom I have to thank for most of my French Friday posts! :)

Екатерина said...

Очень классный блог=)

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