Monday, April 4, 2011

Vintage Puffins.

Aren't these fab? - Vintage Puffin kids' books. I'm sure I had some of these when I was young! I love how bold the illustrations are - fill up that page, don't waste any space at all! I think my favourite would be the trees book - reminds me of that card we have with the big chestnut tree on it!
From here.


Layers and Layers said...

gosh, you always bring up so many childhood memories for me. These are fab ... inspiration for a new set?

Sea Angels said...

Such gorgeous pictures.....this swallow is beautifully aged..
Lynn xx

Zafran ali said...

These are all so cool & so nice pics,You have done absolutely brilliant job,Please keep it up nice work.....
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Thilda said...

Yes they are! That farmbook is my favourite.
(What's wrong with me: I love all vintage things! Feels like I have born 70 years too late!)

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