Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Can I help?

I'd like to tell you about a brand extension that I'm launching this week . . .

Every week creative entrepreneurs email me with questions about starting a small business. I love talking about business and I'm flattered that people come to me for advice. I can talk for hours on the phone about design and branding, marketing and social media. I love seeing business happen - especially in the creative world. I firmly believe that when creative people apply themselves to business it can only make for a better world.

So I've decided to start offering consulting services to creative entrepreneurs.

I've been a self employed artist, living with another self employed artist for over 15 years. Along the way I've learned what it takes to turn passion into profit by learning every aspect of the business from the ground up. After a number of years as a freelance designer/illustrator helping build brands for clients I turned the table and developed my own brand, Cartolina, which I'm proud to say sells in some of the most beautiful stores around the world.

I live the life, I walk the walk and I understand how it feels to be responsible for your own small business. If I can help you - I'd love to! Details here.

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