Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reconnecting in 2011

One of the things that is getting me through our rather dreary winter here in BC is my big plans for our Cartolina market stall this summer. You may or may not know that at Cartolina we only sell to wholesale accounts - and because we work with distributors we only deal with a handful of buyers around the world(and then they take it from there.)
So I've decided that in 2011 I am going to reconnect with our end consumers - that would be you and your friends who buy our products in the shops. We are planning an awesome market tent for our local market(and beyond) and also we are planning to introduce a few new products that we will sell exclusively in our Cartolina Etsy shop. I love Etsy and purchase lots of great stuff from amazing shops.
I really want us to be involved in selling Cartolina in a more grass roots way. I'm thrilled that some of the most beautiful stores in the world carry Cartolina but to get out of the studio and connect with people, one on one, is my goal this year. It's all about balance - right?
I saw this vintage hanger on Etsy yesterday and it fits right in with my vintage design plans for the Cartolina market tent. By the time I had got my act together it was all ready sold but I'm on a mission to collect the coolest display props - stay tuned!

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