Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help, please :-)

So, as I have mentioned a few times here recently, I am going to open an Etsy shop to sell Cartolina Art Prints. I get so many emails and calls from people interested in buying prints so I think it's a fun idea. The trouble I am having though is trying to figure out which of our images would work best as framed art. I'm hoping you can help me :-)

I have formatted the images that I know are the most popular onto 11 x 17 sheets for printing. I am having them professionally printed at our printers in Vancouver. So they will be a lovely quality with lots of brilliant vintage details. I'd like to start with 12 prints in the shop and then add to the collection over time.

I've prepared 20 and we
need to whittle it down to 12 - that's where you come in . . . . I'd love to know which ones you would consider buying or which ones you think will be the most popular. Some will be great for a kids room, some are more conservative - hopefully there's something for everyone! Please can you take a minute and let me know what you think - even if you just list your top 4 or 5 favourites. Leave your comments and I'll pick a couple of names from the list to win a free print when I get them printed next week! And if you think I've missed any obvious ones just let me know! Thank you so much - what would I do without you :-)

As you can see above, most of the art prints will have a natural vintage edge so that they can be framed with a small white release (which means you don't need to mat them) or you can mat them right over the edge for a clean look.


Anonymous said...

I LOvE - 110, 207, 232, 201, 182 and 205

Hope this helps!


Carey@Lasso'd Moon Designs said...

I love the ladies in the dresses (all four), the bunny and 232 "Love is all you need".

Layers and Layers said...

Okay, this is how I would buy three series or groupings ...
Group A - 197, 230, 229, 228
Group B - 227, 203, 207, 205 Poppy
Group C - 232, 233, 204, 201, 179, 205 Bravo
and if you forced me to pick only 12 then I would eliminate #205 Poppy & #233 tree
Ruthless I know
Hope this helps

OhMyAmpersand said...

I LOVE your work! My faves are:
205 Poppy
204 Lucky You
205 Bravo
227 Bouquet
Looking forward to the opening of your Etsy shop! :)

Gina Choe said...

I love:
228,207,198,179 (I have a mostly-white bunny:P), 237 (perfect for my breakfast nook), 205, 204.

I am SO SO SO excited that you're starting an etsy shop. I have app-envy since I don't own an iPhone.

Nichole @ Parlour said...

I love the three pics of the skirts/shoes.


also like,


Hope that helps!

Alexis said...

My favorites are: 179, 182, 203, 204 (I've got a thing for hot air balloons), and 232.

Paula said...

My vote: 110, 232, and then 230, 229 and 228 make a lovely series together. Good luck!

claudia said...

It was tough, but here are my top 5:

Ngaire Bartlam said...

ok.. my favs are: 237,232, 230, 229, 228 and 227. I hope this helps.. that said.. they are ALL so divine.:) the colour palettes are perfection.:)

D. Prince said...

Fiona, as you know I love them all.

These are my favorites:

110 Wish Big
203 Tea Cups
207 Bonjour
205 Poppy
228 Lady in Dress
182 Lotis Flower

Emily said...

My faves are 230, 228, 208, 232, 205, 182

Layerstoo said...

my favs...230, 229, 228, 197 I also like 207, 232, 204. congrats on the etsy shop!

Denise said...

I love, love, love your style. Beautiful. All of them. I I am partial to 182, 227, 232. Is the one numbered 279 in your pictured in your post, in the running also? If so, I love that as well. Would love if you updated your iPhone app with some of your new artwork!

mrYen said...

So difficult to choose...but my favourites are 227, 207, 205, 201, 237

I Can't wait to see you on etsy ^_^

Pam said...

I love your work! Too difficult to choose, but I like 179, 208, 198, 201. So, so beautiful!

kelly lautenbach said...

110, 198, 207, 201 are my top four...
and just so you know, I'll be ordering them all if they go in the shop! :) YAY! :) So glad you're going to do this!

Kara said...

204 is my fav.......then 205,232,201,182:)

suffragette said...

Your work is so beautiful! Here are my favourites:

182, 197, 198 Hip Hip Hooray, 203, 205 Bravo, 207 Bonjour, 227, 228

Best of luck with your Etsy shop :)

Edera Jewelry said...

They're all gorgeous, but I love the Rococo ladies the most:
230, 229, 228, 197, 198--227 and 232 are lovely, too! :)

Linda said...

They are all so lovely, but since I have to choose...
All the ladies skirts (gorgeous) also 203, 197, 204, 205 & 179

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I am digging...
227,208,232, 204, 198

232 -love is all you need is my total fav.

Molly said...

so hard to choose!

205 poppy
201 make a wish
232 love is all you need
203 teacups
110 wish big

lori (aka: marzi) said...

these are going to be great! i'm going to e-mail you some thoughts! ;)

Julie said...

Okey dokey, here we go: 205, 182, 179, 204, 207. They're going to be a huge hit!

Omiyage said...

I can see why it would be hard to pick just 12!

My favourite 5 are: 110 Wish Big, 203, 207 Bonjour, 205, 182

Best of luck with the etsy shop!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Holy cow - 26 comments all ready - thank you!
All ready I can see a pattern of favourites showing up - this is so helpful to me. I'm sure if you are a designer or artist you know how partial you can get to some designs but it can be for all the wrong reasons - it helps me so much to see your choices here.
Thanks again,

fancylinda said...

My top 6 are:
110 Wish Big
228 Skirt
227 Hand w/ Flowers
198 Hip Hip Hooray
232 Love
204 Lucky You

Martha Richardson said...


ChantaleP said...

Wow, gorgeous selections Fiona.. Regardless of which you choose, they all have the same feel so they're great as singles or sets, any one of them.

That being said here's my two cents worth of faves:
#197, #207, #232 (LOVE this love!), #204, #179, #227, #197, #198, #205. #233, #201, #182

Mary Jacqueline said...

228 & 204 are my favorites!!! I want 228 for my daughter's room and 204 for the play room!

Michelle said...

Hard to choose by my favorites are:

Alex said...

1. 203
2. 198
3. 232
4. 204
5. 201
6. 237
7. 227
8. 228
9. 179
10. 197
11. 208
12. 110

I would LOVE to put any of these on my walls! :)

Amy said...

Okay, my top picks are:

110, 230, 229, 228, 227, 203, 208, 232, 204 (love this one!), 205, 182, 237


They are all yummy, but the 3 that caught my eye first were 230, 179 and 205 :)

Hanna said...


Candles by Nature said...

I've always loved the poppy in 205 as well as the gorgeous colors in 228, 229, and 230. I would buy any of those in a heartbeat!

scissor variations said...

These will look so fabulous in a larger format!

201-Make a Wish
204-Lucky You
232-Love is...

paintedlady89 said...

I love your designs. In fact yours was the first App I purchased fo my iphone, when I send a bightens the receivers day! O.K. here is my thoughts: 130, 229, & 228 are stuuning and unexpected, I would love to see them offered as trio collecion. 197,207,208,232,204,201,205,237 and 135 are my choice for the prints. I think the 1st design would be great(elephant) on a pillow! Thank you for asking my opinion.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Fiona, how fun. You know I love ALL of your designs, but if I have to pick (for you said...we all have different taste) here we go:

not in any order...110,228,230,197, 207, 198, 232, 204, 201, 205, 179, 237...

tried to get a well-rounded group without too many of the same design.

Good luck!

nanmorg said...

Wonderful news about the prints. I'm loving #s:
227,207, 232, 204, 205 Bravo, 233, 205 (are there two of this number?), 179, 135, 110, 198, 201. You have a wonderful eye. Thanks for sharing it (them?) with all of us.

alvind95 said...

Gosh I dont even know which one my favourites are! because they all are! but anyway My fav prints are:

- For kids: #110 , #208, #179
- For Greetings: #207, #198, #205, #201, #204

- others: #230, #229, #228, #197

Hope that helps, Cant wait for the opening of your etsy shop! :D

Nina said...

So happy you´re going to open the Etsy store, finally!
Here is my pick:
110, 227, 203, 197, 207, 208, 232, 205 Bravo, 201, 205, 179, 237.

Silk Purse, Sow's Ear said...

I love them all, but think 230, 229, 228 amd 197 would work especially well as prints.

You are going to do *so* well on etsy :)

Eilidh x

Sheira said...

Wow! They are all fabulous! I especially love 110, 197, 207, 198, 205, 237. Good luck!

Wassernixe said...

It`s difficult to choose :) My favorites are: 228, 229, 230, 207, 204, 237.
Good luck!

SewSuzie said...

Only 12! okay - well here goes. My preferences are for :
A) food related - 203, 201,237
b)clothing - 197, 198, 229,228,230
c)misc- 207, 232,208,110

Difficult choice - all wonderful.

Quilter422 said...

232, 205 (poppy), 237

meizhi said...

227, 198, 232, 233, 204

Nantucket Mermaid said...

I love , in no particular order, Hip Hooray
Wish Big
Lucky You and lucky us! Thanks and I can't wait! :)-----<

erinlouise6 said...


Jess Branciforte said...

I Love Wish Big (The elephant is hard to resist) Lucky You with the hot air balloons and the gorgeous poppy. Smart of you to start small - the requests will start pouring in!!

threepeas said...

i LOVE how rich they are and adore each but i think i would avoid the ones that seem to be most fitting as a greeting card. People will want to display them as art in their home! good luck - they are all beautiful - especially 237 :)

YoLynda said...

So very hard to decide, I LOVE them all! Here are my favorites: 110,230,229,228,227,203,207,201,232,
305,182 & 197. Looking forward to the ETSY shop!

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff! 232, 305, 203 and 182.

Tanima said...

I have a few obsessions, two of which are covered by 110 and 182 (elephants and lotuses make me happy).

305 is beautiful too.

237 would be great in my kitchen.

Can't wait till these are available!

Anonymous said...

207 & 232

Dorian Fletcher said...

Every single one is lovely, Fiona. If I had to choose, it would be #'s 182, 203, 230, 229 and 228. For you, it must be like trying to choose your favorite "child". I'm sure your etsy site will be a hit.

portugalnocoraĆ§Ć£o said...

the loved ones for me as to be 227, 203, 208 and the best for last (at least for me) the 232.
my friends just love my little notes with cartolina card that i send on my iphone. just makes the message so more beautiful to look at! thank you!

Debra said...

Love these:
110, 182, 204 and 229
Yeah, congrats on your Etsy shop!

louisa said...

While all your work is visually gorgeous, I absolutely love 232. I can see that hanging in my house surrounded by pictures of family and friends. It could easily be a beautiful frame gift. 110, 197.182, and 204 round out my top 5. I'm looking forward to your shop!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Wow 61 comments - thank you so much everyone!

I think I'll just keep the voting up for a couple of days because I really have to get these off to the printers.
I have had a few comments regarding the wording on the prints. I am quite happy to take suggestions from you regarding words/greetings. I realize that most of these were designed for cards so obviously I have taken the Happy Birthdays off them - but if you have any ideas I would love to hear from you.

Thanks everyone - you're so helpful!

carina said...

My top six picks, for what it's worth:

~Valentina~ said...

OK. I think you have already a lot of comments with picks...
I think your prints are absolutely beautiful and whatever you pick it's going to be a hit ;)

Kitty Sheehan said...

Hi Fiona!
I'm a little late getting to this, but I love this idea.
My favorites are 227, 197, 305, 182, and 237, which is my very favorite.
Best of luck with your Etsy shop, cannot wait to see it!

Debra said...

All so appealing, your work is a delight! If I MUST choose, 204, 232, 182 207 and 110 would keep me happy for quite some time. But I would have to come back for more! Good luck with your new ventures, you are an inspiration.

iva yaneva said...

Are you serious - it's impossible to choose just a few! These are all so beautiful! Can't wait for your shop to open :) Good luck!

Babsarella said...

My favorites are 201 and 237!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I'm usually way off base, however, of the group I'd go for # 203 (teacups). But I really like two that aren't on the list and they are:
"Bonjour" (Eiffel Tower)
"I'm Wild For You" (Japanese wavers)

I'm sure whatever you choose will do very well

Uncle Beefy said...

Hi Fiona!

Well, if your Uncle is going to add my 2 cents...

#230, #229, #228
#197, #207, #208
#232, #233, #227
#203, #305, #201

That would be my top 12 list.

Hope that helps! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Parakh said...

My top 3, starting with my favorite: 182, 201, 204

Kim said...

Your work is lovely. Came to find you today via Design Sponge tweet re: phone apps.

My favorites include:

Teacups seem always to be loved and yours are especially lovely:

Lots of featured items on Etsy have sayings and your elephant is uniquely wonderful:

So glad to have found your work!!!

Natalie said...

I look forward to putting a few of these around the house!
My picks are:
305 Poppy
203 Tea cups (for my kitchen)
197 Lady
182 Waterlily

fanciful devices said...

I like:
203, 197, 104 and 237

DiSailsToo said...

It is really difficult to pick favorites from these prints; however, at this time #232 is absolutely perfect for my picture wall I am putting together for the master bedroom. That being said, however, #305 and #237 would work perfectly in my dining room right now. I can see so many others being fantastic for gifts! So glad you have decided to print these. I will definitely be looking for your Etsy store.

jeni said...

yes, group them and have them ALL on the etsy shoppe... they are all so wonderful! xo

Vanessa said...

I would definitely buy 182. I also love the ladies 228, 229 and 230. Of the three I think I prefer 230 because I love green. I would hang it in my room near my dresser.

Hausfrau said...

My faves: 203, 182, 237.

Jill Elaine said...

Found you recently and I just have to tell you the 5 prints I'm really wanting right now!!!
135, 201, 208, 232, 237
Love them!!
Jill Flory

iPhone Application Development Services said...

I think I'll just keep the voting up for a couple of days because I really have to get these off to the printers.
I have had a few comments regarding the wording on the prints. I am quite happy to take suggestions from you regarding words/greetings. I realize that most of these were designed for cards so obviously I have taken the Happy Birthdays off them - but if you have any ideas I would love to hear from you.

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