Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello Tuesday!

Good morning - great to see you here this morning. We had a wonderful long weekend in sunny Vancouver. We went to a party at our printers in Burnaby and also had the pleasure of meeting a new friend and her husband - Sharon Laxon, interior designer and co-owner of Layers and Layers - an interior design showroom that services the interior design community in Vancouver. We had great fun visiting with Sharon and her husband in their beautiful home. I'd love you to take a look at the Layers and Layers blog - wonderful posts and guest posts from some very talented designers - enjoy!


Juniper said...

Thank you for the tip, will be heading over to see their blog and website now! Glad you had a nice weekend and what a spectacular cloud shot!

Layers and Layers said...

I didn't even see this post ... I spend far too much time these days with my head down working and not nearly enough time seeing whats going on around me. Thank you for your kind words and shout out to our blog ... I wish everyone could meet you to see for themselves just how special you are ... it was a delight!

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