Friday, November 5, 2010

Refound - Pip wallpaper

This is wallpaper - isn't it amazing? I knew that Pip had some incredible wall paper designs but I missed this one. I featured their postcard wall paper here ages ago


Molly said...

what a charming, whimsical wallpaper!

Geneve Hoffman said...

I love fun paper like that...I am starting to finally dip my toe into design for my own house and as much as I am drawn to fun paper like this...bold design like this scares me. What if I love it now, and don't in 6 months? I am starting to follow some cool design blogs and get ideas...but I find design in my home overwhelming sometimes (which is funny, because in my business space/studio I have a clear vision and am easily able to make design decisions).

Great blog though! This is my first comment...I've been lurking for awhile now... :)

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