Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's here! The new Cartolina Holiday app is now available at the app store. We've been working hard on this for the last few weeks and are thrilled to be able to offer it to you as of today!

Our Holiday app is all about sending brief but beautifully festive messages using one of our customizable Cartograms. Choose from the selection of holiday designs, customize your message and then you can either email or text it to the lucky recipient. The Cartolina app supports dozens of languages and allows you to send to multiple recipients. I think that the Holiday app will be fabulous for pretty party invitations this season. But that's not all - due to popular demand we have added a 4th line of text for your messages. So now, instead of 3 lines you have 4 lines available to you. And, yes, we will be adding a 4th line to the original Cartolina app in the next couple of weeks when we upgrade the app with a new selection of Cartograms. The Cartolina Holiday app is available for just $1.99. *Click here for more details and a direct link to the app store.* If you are looking for the app at the app store on your phone, search for 'cartolina' and it should pop up!

The Cartolina Holiday app is a great alternative to sending a plain email or text message.
For less than the price of a card, $1.99, the Cartolina Holiday app is available from the Apple iTunes store.

For more information on the app or any other Cartolina products please email me.
Check out or website at www.cartolina.com
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Suze said...

DOWNLOADED! I love it, just like I loved your first one (as per my comment on iTunes...).
I'll use it for my Xmas cards this year and for some "just because" cards in the coming season!
Ciao from Italy!

Simone said...

Gorgeous finds. I guess I'll have to start reading blogs again.

staceys said...

Fingers crossed for an android app soon.

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Got my iPhone... Got both apps! Thank you for being so cool!:)------(

Grey Lemon said...

Love the retro design, beautiful! This app looks really great!

Candles by Nature said...

Ah, this makes me wish I had an iPhone! ;)

Brittany at Home Ground said...

So happy you made this!! I'll be downloading soon, especially as I plan on having a holiday party and I'm totally using this to invite everyone!

lisa :: the red thread said...

Another gorgeous Cartolina app! I'm off to download it now. And thanks for including some non-snow images for those of us with summer Christmases! ;)

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh wow - you're unstoppable!

Congrats Fiona!

Natasha said...

So so pretty! My husband sent me one of your cartograms today and it totally made my day. You have such lovely designs!

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