Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The weekend's vintage finds

So last weekend's vintage scores are heavy and spiky! Old flower spikes, or frogs. The large one is fantastic. It's 7" wide! I love these things they are so useful and fun - great for displaying pictures and postcards. I've never seen one as large as this - I expect it was for a rose bowl at one time. When we were kids, in Scotland, my grandfather - who we lived with - had an amazing collection of cloisonée rose bowls that he bought in India in the 1940s. He grew roses in the garden but he didn't use a frog to arrange them - he used potatoes - sliced in half, sliced side down - and we poked the roses into holes in the potatoes that we made with knitting needles! And no water - they lasted for weeks - there's a good tip for you!

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