Friday, October 1, 2010

Found - vintage fun

A couple of fun things for a Friday morning. I love vintage chalkware figurines. I love they way the colours are almost always 'airbrushed' - very cool. I would really like to have this lone ranger cowboy. Second up is an instant collection of vintage wrapped hotel soaps. I actually have dozens of these in a box in a drawer somewhere. I collected them for their typography and design - they look great in a dish like this.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Great chalkware figure...dang cute! I got a whole box of old hotel soaps the other day at an estate sale. I have them displayed similar to you in a bowl so you can see the graphics. The ones that I got were souvenirs from a woman's vacation in the 1950s. She had written on a few of them where and what hotel they had come from...a cheap vacation memory.

Bec Bardoel said...

So amazing!

please check my blog out, have some amazing art, interior and fashion inspirations :-)

im also studying full time at RMIT doing a BA Textile Design!

xx Bec

AnKo said...

Discovering your blog and your art, it's lovely!
My parents are huge collectors of hotel soaps, and I remember I spent hours as a child just sniffing it!

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