Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspiration - Avoca

I went to my favourite boutique in Nelson the other day and I saw this coat. It was so stunning and beautifully made - I was quite intrigued. Joanne, who owns the store, told me all about the manufacturer - Avoca - and I was smitten. Avoca is Ireland's oldest woollen mill - founded in 1723 - good grief!. I grew up in an area of Scotland which was all about woollen mills so I know how important they are to a rural economy. I went to Avoca's website, read about their history and became even more obsessed with their brand. They have a mill, gardens, a restaurant, cafes and a shop. all in Avoca Village - the history is fascinating. They produce woollens, soaps, books, ceramics - you name it - you must go right now and check them out - you will be inspired to put your best creative foot forward today!

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