Thursday, August 12, 2010

inspiration - vintage containers and props

This is a fun post. If you've ever wondered where people get all those cool vintage containers and props for their eclectic/boho style studios and workshops, well look no more. Three Potato Four have an amazing selection of really interesting vintage pieces - in multiples - that could make your studio look fabulously interesting and inspire you to be fabulously more creative. The selection is almost endless - boxes, trays, bottles, cans and props . . .

You may notice things getting a little sparse around here over the next few days. My vacation officially starts soon and so I will be taking a little bit of time off from work and blogging. It's great to have a rest at this time of the year and then come back relaxed and inspired - full of good ideas. I'll be here for a few more days and then off next wednesday - I'm just giving you a little heads-up :-)

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