Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good morning! I'm off on a well deserved vacation today for a week. Every year around this time we close up shop and head off for our summer break. Thank you for visiting Cafe Cartolina so regularly and religiously - I am truly honoured that you stop by every morning to get your daily dose of inspiration. Cafe Cartolina is officially 2 years old now and there's so much beautiful stuff in the archive that I encourage you to browse through when I'm gone. You can follow us on Twitter while we're gone and if you'd like to be one of our Facebook fans I would be very thrilled! We have a super exciting project that we are going to launch in September - still can't believe that I've kept a secret this long! So I'll see you all back here, relaxed, refreshed and inspired, end of next week! Ciao!
Fiona xoxoxo

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