Monday, July 12, 2010

The Makeover - progress

As you know my goal is to brighten up the main floor of the house with all white walls and trim and more colour in the furnishings and accessories. Right now we have various boring shades of beige, grey and taupe throughout the house. Our sofa, chair and ottoman are dull sage green corduroy.

So this weekend(when I was visiting my folks in Kelowna) we stumbled on a leather set that we really like. Here it is. It's the colour that caught my eye(and apparently the reason that the set is discounted to half price!) It's quite orange brown(almost an Hermes orange) - I love it. It's also quite big(sofa is more than 7' long) I wasn't particularly looking for leather but all other upholstered sofas were very boxy, modern and covered with very masculine, grey, suiting type fabric - not my style at all.

I think that this set will be a great start to our new space. I also found a large 6 x 9 ft white shag rug to go with it - perfect. Note the black cupboards in this picture? I'm thinking that our big TV armoire may end up with a distressed black finish with very bright coloured framed art on either side.

So orange sofas, white shag rug, black armoire + bright coloured art .
A good start I'd say!

New sofas above at the showroom. Here's what I'm thinking of for the armoire - below.

White shag rug on our medium brown teak floors - mmmmmmm!

I've always really liked this Feist poster - might be the perfect spot for it next to the black armoire - lots of orange and black in it.

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