Friday, June 24, 2011

Inspiration - vintage interiors(from the Café archives)

Fabulously mysterious interiors styled with vintage furniture, accessories and props - all from here.


manon 21 said...

j'adore cette ambiance loft.

Bonne journée


marzi said...

wow. i love those old victrola horns?? as light fixtures!!

Bela said...

So cozy and odd!! Love them all!!

XOXO. Bela.

Fiona Cartolina said...

Thank for the comments. Aren't these just the best? Manon, Marzi and Bela - you have such good taste!

Dani Bianco Balczó said...

Hello!!! I love your blog!!!! So Sweet.
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Manikandan Spacecare said...

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