Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Window Shopping

This first pillow makes me very happy - how can you not love those colours together? I'm fantasizing about bright colours because I finally bit the bullet and got a quote from a painter to paint our main floor all white - walls, trim and ceilings. I haven't committed yet but it's very tempting. Stay tuned - if I do go all white I will definitely take before and afters. Pillows and rugs from Company C.


bicocacolors said...

i loooove these colour combinations too!
thank you so much for the inspirations!

bigudi said...

Que explosiĆ³n de color....me gusta!!

Sunday in bed said...

Many greetings from Germany and want to say "Hello"! I just discovered your very beautiful blog and I`m sure I will visiting often. I really like these pillows and love this style and colour.
Have a great day, Beate

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