Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip

We took a ride on the Kootenay Lake ferry yesterday over to Crawford Bay, on our way to Doug's parents' place. I thought you might like to see the studio of one of our local artisans - North Woven Broom Co. It really is a log cabin! They make the most fabulous brooms in this log studio which they sell all over the world - and we picked one up for Doug's dad's workshop. They make dozens of different shapes and styles(they even made the flying broom that's featured in the Harry Potter movies.) the smell when you walk into the cabin is overwhelming - smells like hay, smells like horses in fact! Crawford Bay is rather remote, and really just a summer season kind of place - so the broom makers make brooms for 7 months of the year and vacation for the other 5 - sounds good doesn't it?

Give me a shout if you are coming out this way for a vacation - I'll give a list of all the artisans in the area.
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