Friday, June 11, 2010


Thanks to one of our readers, Simon, I have something really special to show you this morning. Check out these long lost posters hidden in a disused tube tunnel at Notting Hill Gate in London. They are fabulous. 1956 - 1959. I especially love the River Thames poster, last picture. Imagine switching on a flickering light and finding these? They are apparently going to stay right where they are! Thanks Simon!

All pictures from London Underground.


Amy said...

Wow, these kinda make my heart race a little, ya know? (I'm sure you do!) ;)

Mlle Paradis said...

what a find! i would take the royal blue one. reminds me of the life aquatic with steve zissou.

and the store front book. so great. got it for hubby's bday. you will love it.

marzi said...

i was going to try and pick a favorite but as i scrolled down, i liked each one more and more! what a find!

Rose said...

These are spectacular! It is hard to believe that they could be hidden like this. The designs are wonderful. Is there a link, or do you know the photog personally?

Fiona Cartolina said...

H Rose, they are fabulous aren't they?
The only link I have is the Flickr stream

Thanks for your comments!

Dana Barbieri said...


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