Thursday, June 10, 2010

In my dreams I'm going to paint my house all white inside - I know, I said that a year ago. But the thing is that we have such an open plan house with high ceilings that if I start to paint in one corner of the living room I will end up painting the kitchen, the front hall, the dining room and the bedroom corridor - not to mention the entire ceiling which would need a trapeze group from Cirque du Soleil to complete that task. And I just can't bring myself to hire someone to paint - know what I mean? Oh well - when I do eventually have an all white house I'm trading in some of my earth tones for some of these cheery numbers from IKEA!


Pfeiffer Photos said...

Hold the phone--I have not seen that sofa cover at my Ikea. That's fab!

Words and Eggs said...

Ditto Pfeiffer -- that couch eludes me... I must find it! (umm, not that I could afford it, but... I can dream...)

I also wouldn't mind that reclining chaise...

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