Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paris Hotel
Yesterday I got a lovely surprise when Lynn from Paris Hotel featured my work on her lovely blog. I've been a fan of Paris Hotel for such a long time. I've featured items from her store here at The Cafe lots of time. Lynn has been doing a bit of research on great grand father, Sam Berger, who was an extraordinary wood carver - and I mean extraordinary. You must go and see the posts of his work the old photographs of the carvings will take your breath away. He worked on massive projects like cathedrals - carving the statuary and the ceilings, doors and pillars. Doug and I were speechless when we saw the photographs. I hope Lynn doesn't mind if I post one or two here for you . . . .


slfranklin said...

What beautiful work he did!!! I will follow your post. Thanks!

Oh, and Fiona, I love your work as well! You have such a unique style. I just love it! What medium do you use? Your photos of inspiration are inspiring to me too! I've been following you on twitter.


The Armchair Parisian said...

Thank you for sharing this ~ I will run right over and have a look! It looks très interesting!

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