Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I was reading Urban Comfort's blog yesterday when I spotted a couple of great stenciling ideas - fabric, furniture and walls. I really liked the designs and noticed that you can download the directions and templates (originally published in Family Circle) from here. The coffee table looks great. Here's the link - have fun!


Jeanee said...

Love that table & pillows!!! That green pairs nice with gray.

Molly said...

Love these! The coffee table reminds me of Lori's floor, only on a smaller scale. I just might have to take on this project - I was thinking about getting a new coffee table, but I just might love mine again after a facelift like this!

Three Owls said...

Ok... now I have stencilling on my ever-growing to do list... those are so fantastic... the lattice would be so clever on the patio... where I also need a coffee table, at it will most likely need a facelift... better get some inside work done while it's still raining... lots to do when the sun shines again :)

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