Thursday, April 1, 2010

I really like the esthetic of this store Tuttemerull - lots of wood and zinc and linen. Very natural and northern hemisphere-esque.


J.Me. said...

I love the candle holder from the first picture. I just love pieces of home d├ęcor that bring me closer to nature.

Fiona Cartolina said...

That's a very interesting comment J.Me.
I'm interested to know - do you live in a city and you feel like you don't get enough nature in your life or are you a nature hound that lives in the country and loves it everyday?
I like that candle stick too :-)

J.Me. said...

=) I live in a suburb-like city that is surrounded by corn fields. But I am from beautiful Michigan (if you remember from the mitten giveaway) and I just miss all of the trees and wildflowers and clean, crisp air smells. And it seems like the birds chirped more in MI, too. Haha. I think I need to move to the PacNW...I think I might have been born to live there...though I've never visited. But, to answer more directly, I am a nature hound who just doesn't ever seem to get enough.

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