Friday, April 30, 2010

Cartolina news
Wow what a day I had yesterday. Six pallets of new product showed up in a big truck - all had to be unloaded in the pouring rain - 65,000 new cards and 12,000 new notebooks. Very exciting. Then, unexpectedly, samples of our fabulous new glittered gift bags showed up and blew our socks off - gotta love sparkles! Then, just as I thought nothing else could happen, we signed our first licensing deal which I am very excited to tell you about next week. So, big day yesterday,Thursday, and I completely ran out of hours in the day to prepare a Friday post for you. Sorry about that. I hope you have enjoyed the posts this week - I am still smitten with yesterday's sequin and floral pillow. I'll have a whole load of new Cartolina designs to show you next week - can't wait. Have a good weekend - see you bright and early on Monday morning!

This great picture was taken by Lori(aka Marzipan, Fin & Roe and Citrus & Clover) I love this shot. Lori takes a picture every day and posts it on her blog, Paisley Wallpaper . And you can buy her pictures too - she's got it all covered.
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