Monday, February 22, 2010

We Have Winners!
Firstly, thank you all for entering the Great Canadian Mitten Giveaway - almost 350 of you! I have had so much fun reading the comments and getting to know you all through your Tweets and blogs. To make it fair I printed out all the comments, sliced them up and picked the winners out of the giant salad bowl.

Here is the list of winners:
Deanna Gabriel
Pamela Angus
David Ramirez
Anali -
Molly - Artful Sentiments
Krissy - Paper Schmaper
Jenna -
Allison -
Robin(Robin Beth)- Luxe Earth
Sasha -
J.Me - Jamie Billington

It was fun to sponsor this giveaway because, did you know, that the proceeds from the sales of the red mittens goes directly to the Canadian olympic athletes. What a great way for us to support our team! So if you see your name in the list of winners email me and send me your mailing address. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!


ks said...

This was a fantastic contest, and so fun.
Congrats to you and all the winners!

I'm sad it's over. I like harassing you about me winning my mittens. Now I'll have to come up with something else.

Cate said...

Congratulations to all you lucky, lucky people

Temps perdu said...

Congratulations from the Canadian president, located in Finland;)

Anali said...

Oh. My. God. I'm going to faint!!!!! *swoon*

I'm so excited! I was watching Oprah and saw the audience with the mittens and was more excited about them than when she gave away the cars!!

Thank you so much Fiona! I'm emailing my address in two seconds! : )

Pamela Angus said...

WAH!! I won something OMG!!! I'm so excited!! emailing !!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Next Door To Magic said...

You have a great blog. I like every single post. I feel like I'm a bit tipsy from going through all the wonderful images here.

Krissy said...

oh yay~ emailing you now :)

J.Me. said...

I'm ecstatic!!! I was just jumping around the room screaming in high pitched tones!! HOORAY!! I am so excited!! Thank you so much!

zerimar said...

Wow! Extremely excited and doing a dance in my room!! Yeah!

deannagabriel said...

YAY! This was the best surprise EVER, after working two CRAZY 12 hour nights at work! YAHOO! :)

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