Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Objects
Great selection of odd vintage items from Ruby Beets to accessorize your vintage/industrial space. I have no idea what these black numbered tacks would have been used for you do you? I like to take items like these and group them in containers for display.

I collect these little spikey flower things(what do you call these again?) - they are so useful for propping up cards and postcards etc.

What kind of box is this? A camera box maybe - any ideas?


AnnaVallance said...

Always a treat to visit - those spikey things are called frogs.

marzi said...

i just bought a set of those number tacks at a garage sale this summer! have no idea what they're used for either but i love them. still haven't found a use for them but i'm sure i will some day!

jen jafarzadeh said...

I saw some brass tacks like those at the Brooklyn Flea and almost picked them up — but couldn't figure out how I'd use them.

papiervalise said...

...the numbered tacks are "screen tacks"--you would number your window frames + screens. when changing your screens seasonally you would know which window screen/frame belonged where.

Fiona Cartolina said...

papiervalise - how did you know that? That's really cool - and so functional - I should have guessed you would know ;-)


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