Monday, March 1, 2010

You may have heard me on Twitter - looking for organizational ideas for the studio. I have a large wall that I want to create an interactive notice board to keep us organized. We have distributors in 5 countries and I need to keep on top of each account. I don't particularly want a chalk board because I know that certain people will find it very hard not to embellish every note they write! So I had decided that a white board was the solution(yuck). But as I was browsing the Pottery Barn catalog I noticed a few good ideas including grouping a collection of small whiteboards together(below.) I think I might try that idea - but I like these boards too - I always fall for pretty over practical - must stop doing that!

I think this(above) might be the solution - a grouping of small whiteboards - it would keep the accounts organized and look better than one big, shiny, wobbly, white sheet - anythings better than that!
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