Tuesday, January 5, 2010

These beautiful bags came my way via a Tweet by Pamela Angus, I think. I am really drawn to the colours and patterns - so intense and detailed.


Teresa said...

oh Fiona!
I thought I had seen all the cute bags I could possibly EVER see...up until this moment!
Oh my goodness is all I have to say!
I must go near to these lovely bags NOW!!!!!!
These bags are so me it's almost unbearable!
Oh...by the way...
Happy New Year to you Sweetie!

Teresa said...

I just popped over to her shop!
Oh...and told my hubby I now know what I want for valentines!
I think my fave is that first one on your post...but they are all so unique and lovely.
If I had one of these purses...I would have to have one of your journals in it!
Kind of the same wonderful style!

Ashley Schott said...

I am in LOVE with these! The second one is calling to me. I don't think I will rest until I have it now...

fancylinda said...

I want all of those bags!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Well these are very popular! Its the richness in the colours I think- makes each one look like a work of art don't you think?

(Fancylinda - wanting ALL of those bags is a wee bit excessive - perhaps you could settle on just 2 ;-)

Thanks for your comments!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

The shapes are nice, too.

Hi Octane Jewelry said...

First 3 are my favorites... Just love them. I am feeling these patterns as the next big trend.

ks said...

YOU have truly outdone yourself with this stuff today.
Now go get some rest. We'll all be shopping till you get back.

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