Thursday, January 14, 2010

This beautiful jewelry line is from Kathi Roussel. It's great to see something unique like this and beautifully presented. Very nice.


Julie said...

Very nice find Fiona! I think the top necklace would look stunning against a white starched dress shirt - what a statement piece.

marzi said...

i have these earrings from her shop and LOVE them!

soya said...

bellissima questa collana complimenti!!

La Maison Fou said...

I luv <3, these pretties!

Cate said...

Love these pieces and the rings she created are so beautiful too!
I keep wanting all these things, but can't have them.I must admire from afar...I suppose.

kathiroussel said...

goodness fiona-- i just came upon your blog and post-- i couldn't be more delighted to be included in such fantastic company. you have a keen eye, and i've been enjoying all of the amazing finds you've been showing the world. thanks so very much-- !!


Fiona Cartolina said...

Hi Kathi!
So, I have just realized that you are not just the brilliantly talented jewelry designer that I've featured in this post but you are also the fabulous curator of one of my fave vintage shops - 5 Gardenias - I had no idea until this moment when I clicked on your profile link. I am so pleased to meet you. I feature 5 Gardenias here frequently because I love your eye and your photography.
Thank you for visiting Cafe Cartolina - I am honored!

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