Monday, November 9, 2009

Not only are these great photographs - beautifully styled - but they also have some great ideas that I haven't seen before - check them out . . .

Check out this headboard - this would be so simple to make with a sheet of MDF and an illustration(trace it on to the board with a projector like an Artograph) and paint.

Look at these 'bell jars' - they are not as they seem - one is even an upturned wine glass!

Taking an antique armoire and building cubby holes into it - I love this idea - and the bright paint colours - brilliant!

A plain duvet cover with coloured, crocheted doilies sewn onto it - looks like it's straight from Anthro doesn't it?

Simple stencils on a thrift store cupboard - fresh and beautiful!
Beautiful photography and styling from
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