Monday, November 16, 2009

Good morning - I almost didn't have a post for you this morning - our open house gained momentum and rumbled on into the evening last night - what a fun time I had! It was such a pleasure to have the studio full of such nice people - a number of whom were blog readers that I was meeting for the first time(which was a real thrill.) Thank you to everyone who came yesterday, it was a great success! Thank you to Linda for being such a perfect assistant and to Doug who kept everyone's champagne glasses full. We had a draw at the end of the evening, just like last year, and the winner won all the product that was on display(a great big stash of Cartolina cards) - So I would like to announce that the winner of the draw is Tracy Fillion, congrats! Coincidentally, Tracy brought me a fabulous print of a vintage matchbox cover from San Francisco and also this gorgeous letterpress card from Hammerpress which I am thrilled with because I am a huge fan of Hammerpress - thanks Tracy (oh, and did you leave your sweater here?)

I'll be back tomorrow with regular posts - have a great day everyone!
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