Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you like these? Spats! Cool! I think they are so fun - and the plaid fabric is brilliant - these would look great under skinny jeans. I wonder how they stay on to the boot - I think in the old days there was a hook system that kept them down on your shoes. The clever person that made these is Monjio and she's in Italy - so these must be stylish!


marzi said...

i LOVE these! it's funny that you posted these because i just saw similar ones on etsy for the first time a couple days ago! (except the ones i saw strapped under the arch of the foot/shoe)

cartolina said...

Aha - I knew someone else would like these. It's not that I would necessarily wear them - they are just a very cool idea/design/object!
Thanks Lori!

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