Tuesday, October 6, 2009

These pretty prints have been making the rounds in the blogosphere but in case you haven't seen them before - here they are - from Farouche(who I now realize is the brains behind Dandy Bread and Candy - one of my regular reads.) Aren't these sweet?


Pfeiffer Photos said...

So perky, not my usual style but yes, I like the second one. :)

marzi said...

i love them both, but i think the second one may have to fine it's way home to me!

farouche said...

Hello Fiona,

Have you ever seen Wayne's World... the moment when Wayne and Garth begin to bow and start chanting...

"Were not worthy, were not worthy."

Well, that is how I feel right now. Thank you for the post. Were not worthy.


cartolina said...

Christy - that's funny! I love that silly movie!

These prints ate so cute and you have such a nice way with type design - they remind me of the fabulous Jessica Hische - so be proud of yourself. You are indeed worthy!

Fiona(not actually qualified to judge worthiness!)

Huma said...

Love these prints! Love those fonts!
H x

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