Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I love this rug - we seriously need a new rug in front of the fire in our living room and I really want a large, busy, colourful rug to bring some richness into the space. I think something like this would work - maybe in slightly darker colours? What do you think?

Love the pillows too - don't you? From Anthro.


Amy said...

LOVE these!!! Beautiful living room by the way. This would look gorgeous there. And of course you have to have the pillows! ;)

Catalina said...

Love the rug! the colours are perfect! it depends of the furniture I guess

and the pillows....! oh the pillows!

Julie said...

Fiona these are beautiful! I think they'd look perfect in your living room.

marzi said...

i'm in love! i want every single one of those! where are they from?

Krista & Ben said...

So pretty where is the rug from? It looks very Anthropologie.

cartolina said...

Hello - sorry I forgot to mention that these were from Anthropologie. I have a hard time finding rugs I like - often they are so conservative or they are tacky and modern. Anthro seems to have the best selection of stylish rugs.
Thanks for your comments!

Linda said...

I can see that rug in front of your fireplace too. Its perfect.
Where is the nearest Anthropologie?
Another road trip?

bigBANG studio said...

Oh I LOVE those suzani-inspired rugs and pillows at Anthro!

They cost a small fortune, but my absolutely favorite textile designer is Madeline Weinrib- her rugs are UNBELIEVABLE for those of you who like that Uzbek look: http://www.madelineweinrib.com/
I'll be doing a feature on her on my blog and can't wait to pore through her new designs.

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