Monday, August 24, 2009

Well I scored at the weekend - I scored a pair of absolutely brilliant, really old, cast bronze elephant book ends. I love them. I got them at our local antique store who always have great things - the Bronze Peacock. Marlene had purchased a whole lot of bookends from a collector and they are selling fast. What a great theme for a collection - so beautiful and useful too. She has a couple of art deco owls(look like a Rockwell Kent illustration) that are on hold for some one else(hmmmm, who would that be?) - but I am hoping I might score those too. Thanks Linda for the heads-up on those.


Mari said...

What a find!
I LOVE seeing other people's vintage stashes - always gets me jonesing for a thrifting trip of my own.
I have a 20" tall bronze elephant that was my grandpa's - one of my prized possessions. Great doorstop too ;)

AnnaVallance said...

I have tons of books and only one set of bookends - a large wooden acorn.

cartolina said...

Thanks for the comments Anna and Mari - hey I'd like to see your elephant mari?

Katey Dutton said...

Elephants are my favorite and these bookends are absolutely stellar. I am going to get a line of ele's holding each other's tails on my forearm in an old newsprint style that reminds me of your work. Love your art and love your blog! Cheers!

marzi said...

great find fiona! love your elephant!

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