Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How can you not be inspired by this mirror. Cast iron, french and painted mossy green. Brilliant. Perfectly rusty and rustic. From Retrouvius.


Di Overton said...

This is perfect in every singe way. This is the sort of thing I would never even consider changing.

Doug said...

My birthday's coming up Fiona - I wish this was my mirror.

Layla said...

Ooh, it's beautiful!! :)

Wonderful inspiration, really!!

cartolina said...

Gald you like this mirror - I do too. There are companies who try to reproduce these kinds of cast iron pieces - they do a good job but there's nothing like the real thin!

thanks for your comments!
Doug - you already got your birthday present - and you know it!


Pfeiffer Photos said...

yes, it's a gem :)

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