Monday, July 27, 2009

Time For A GIveaway!
You may remember I featured Doug's super popular posters in the past - here are a couple of his best sellers based on Shakespearean quotes( that seem so relevant for the times we live in). Well Doug's been working on a sketch for another poster(see below) inspired by the all the hardworking gals that we feature here and the phenomenon of the "craft revolution". I think it's going to be a winner. Lucky for us Doug has agreed to partake in a giveaway here at the Cafe and the lucky winner will receive both of these posters - printed on lovely soft watercolour paper. Doug's posters are all based on famous quotes. So to win a couple of posters all you need to do is leave a comment below - if you like you can tell us your favourite quote but it's not neccessary. My friend Lori has a saying at the end of her emails that says "don't expect to be what you haven't worked to become," I love that quote - maybe it will end up on a poster some day! 

We'll leave this giveaway open until next Wednesday. Good luck - and thanks Doug!
Dougs posters are now also available at his Etsy Shop!!
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