Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Objects
What do you think of these? Vintage paint by numbers. I quite like some of them especially these ones. The Japanese scenes are quite stylishly kitch. There are quite a few here and here.


marzi said...

it's funny you posted these because i was just looking at this very thing at the craft store this weekend. i was thinking they'd be very vintage-fun to have, but i couldn't find any that i liked. i think i might keep my eye open a little more for some real vintage ones when we're thrifting.

Liza said...

I curated a Paint By Number Show at my gallery two years ago. Love them!!!

You can read/see here:

Pfeiffer Photos said...

love these; just wrote an article for my vintage blog about the same thing. must be that we're kindred. :)

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