Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sail away!
Oh boy I like this! This is right up my alley! From Jessi Taylor's Etsy shop. "This necklace is composed of sterling silver, and set with a vintage glass intaglio. The glass is embossed and painted in 3-d on the back with the image of a four-masted ship, cutting fearlessly through the blue waters of the high seas! " Yes please!


Jill Broadhacker said...

I love the different size chain links used as well. Very nice.

cartolina said...

I only just noticed the link sizes Jill(since you pointed them out) - I'm so in love with this!

shoppingsmycardio said...

ooh, so unique - i love it! sadly, already sold out...and the rest of her stuff is definitely more for girls that are into 'creepy cool' than i am...bird claws are just not my style, sadly. hopefully she'll replenish soon!

cartolina said...

It was definitely not sold out last night. I am so bummed - I was going to go over there and get it laster today - serves me right for posting it here!!!
I snoozed and I looooosed!

I'm going to see if she has any more similar.


Pfeiffer Photos said...

I bet she would make a custom order for any of you--I like this piece, too. Ahoy!

Tricia said...

the berries!

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