Monday, June 1, 2009

The Little Fur Family
I don't usually post kids stuff but when I saw this book posted on one of my reader's blogs - Misako Mimoko, I couldn't resist it. This is The Little Fur Family published in 1946 and illustrated by Garth Williams who ilustrated many of the Golden Books. This is so fun. I can't really tell what kind of animals the fur family are but they sure like fur - fur hats, coats and boots. And the twiggy type face is the original version of a face we see reproduced fairly often these days. What a great find.


Hanna said...

This is so delightful!

Lucy C said...

These illustrations are just lovely. thanks for sharing. I love vintage children's books and this one is just adorable.

Brittany Noel said...

I just love finding vintage children's books! The illustrations are so distinctive. And the wording is not quite modern.

jenni.t said...

Too cute!

misako mimoko said...

Happy to know you like them!
Thanks for the mention :)
I love your blog, it's always a great inspiration!
have a nice day!

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