Friday, May 8, 2009

Inspiration - vintage trinkets
I was quite intrigued by the beautiful necklaces I featured here yesterday - it got me thinking about vintage trinkets and sent me off on a wild cyber goose chase for vintage treasures. Old buttons are a great source of inspiration - I have hundreds with every colour and pattern imaginable. Here are some wonderful vintage buttons starting from here

Above from here

Above From here


fancylinda said...

Beautiful buttons! I have hundreds as well. (I sell them in my store, but I always end up keeping the best ones for myself...)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Love stuff like this. Especially when it's in handfuls mixed in an old box or bowl in a thrift/vintage jewels.

AnnaVallance said...

I was so distracted by all the great buttons(my collection is in the thousands)that I was almost late for work. Love them.

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